Web Application Development

Get secure web application built for your specific requirements.

Web Application Development

Looking for customized and secure web application? Apply your own business logic and scale it, using cloud with layers of security. Our focus is to convert complex functionality into a simple intuitive interface

  • Simplistic design
  • Layers of Security
  • Agile development
  • Based on fork off Web2py framework
  • Deploy of Cloud/Commodity hardware

Web2py Framework

An open source web application framework designed for rapid development of fast, scalable and secure web applications

  • MVC(Model View Controller) based full stack framework
  • Rapid pace Agile development
  • Easy to upgrade and maintain
  • Python based and built for security
  • Fully embraces Web 2.0
  • DAL(Data Abstraction Layer) helps migrate to any database
  • Stable Secure and Fast

Project Preferences

Wide range of application support

  • Data Analytics based on BigData
  • Customized SIEM(Security Information and Event Management)
  • Any Office related IT solution
  • Workflow process management
  • Hotel management
  • Ecommerce application
  • Healthcare IT requirements
  • Any datacenter related management
  • Online reservation booking
  • Online training and courses

Deployment Options

Deploy the solution anywhere you prefer

  • On any customised cloud platform
  • Build customised cloud in your datacenter
  • In-house deployment
  • On commodity hardware to cloud