Hire Systems Architect

Design Deploy Complex Systems in a Business Friendly way

Where Business and Technology Meet

Looking to optimize business process? Tired of fitting your requirements in predefined systems? We’ve got your covered.

  • Jot down your core problems
  • Design a custom quality solution
  • Handover with complete automation
  • Training and Optimization based on feedback
  • Improve performance and reliability
  • Huge reduction in overall IT costs

Build your Cloud Automation

Performance problems with applications running on cloud? Concerned about Security? Are you considering cloud automation? Deploy your customised cloud, engineered based on your requirements

  • Scale up & Migrate your application to customised cloud
  • Build your In-House/Colocation/Leased cloud
  • Use any/combination of Full Virtualization, Docker and Bare Metal cloud
  • Use Commodity hardware
  • Use Open Source & Proprietary software
  • Simple, Scalable & Highly Available architecture
  • Deploy your own Automated Mini Datacenter
  • Management Interface as per your requirements

Cloud Flavours

Choose virtualization/container technology that is best for you

  • KVM based Full Virtualization
  • Docker container-based Virtualization
  • Bare Metal cloud
  • Distributed Computing
  • Support for any Unix systems


All solutions come with reasonable level of security. After all security is all about adding layers.

  • Layers of Security specifically designed for your architecture
  • Inbuilt vulnerability Scanner option
  • Minimilastic features that are only needed
  • SIEM of Managing Threats option
  • Threat Detection and Prevention
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention System
  • Customised Web Application to manage System

Deployment Options

Choose deployment solution that fits your budget

  • On any customized cloud platform
  • Build customized cloud in your datacenter
  • In-House option
  • On commodity server in any datacenter
  • Mixed cloud environment


Reduce operating cost with automation

  • Customizable logic to scale up and down as and when necessary
  • System Resource monitoring
  • Service failover
  • L4/L7 load balancer automation
  • Effortless switch between full virtualization and bare metal
  • Optimized Management Portal
  • Workflow automation