Penetration Testing

Audit your network and find security weaknesses

Perform Security Scan

What damage can an attacker cause by information about an organization? Assess security state of services of the organization’s network using our Penetration Testing services.

  • Manual and Automated Penetration Testing
  • Rules of Engagement defining scope signed before testing
  • Choose between White Box and Black Box Testing
  • Choose between External and Internal Testing
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Simulate real world attack scenario
  • Audit security risks from a technical standpoint
  • Demonstrate pivoting attack used to gain access to internal network

Black Box Testing

  • Penetration Testing with no information on hosts/services
  • Hourly pricing with maximum cap
  • Maximum cap based on engagement
  • Time management based on duration and criticality
  • Most cost effective solution

White Box Testing

  • Penetration Testing with information provided
  • Goal based penetration testing
  • Value-Based Pricing model designed for you
  • Value for money
  • Free evaluation and quotation
  • Maximize Return on Security Investment(ROSI)


  • Simple and easy to implement remediation steps
  • Clear and full description of each vulnerability
  • Proof of Concept with screenshot demonstrating vulnerability
  • Frequent status update, throughout the engagement