Office In-a Box

All IT applications packaged within customised public cloud deployment.

  • Solution designed for SME business
  • Start an Office with just a single pc
  • Public cloud designed to build all your IT requirements
  • Drasticly reduce TCO(Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Start with very minimal investment
  • Do not compromise on business IT needs and security
  • Unlimited users
  • Highly customizable as per your needs


  • Just Tell us what you want
  • We will find open source or cost effective proprietary alternatives
  • Scan the new software for vulnerabilities
  • Deploy with Layers of Security
  • Interlink with other applications as necessary
  • Support for *nix systems


  • UTM configuration based on your setup
  • Full Internal network designing with Network Access Control
  • SIEM for Threat Detection and Management
  • Internal Eva node for frequent Security Assessments
  • Malware Analysis Platform
  • Security Recommendations for System Administrator

What can we offer?

  • IVR configured as per your need with PBX
  • CRM(Customer Relationship Management)
  • PMS(Project Management System)
  • Inventory Management and Ticketing System
  • Code Repository with Bug Management
  • Wiki Documentation
  • Internal Chat, Mail and Video Conferencing
  • HRM(Human Resource Management)
  • Backup System


  • Professional Quotation
  • One Time Setup charges
  • Advanced monthly payments
  • Free Post-Launch Support for pre-defined time
  • Pay per hour Support
  • No Vendor Lock-In

Other Highlights

Unbeatable Pricing

Highly customisable and affordable fully managed services.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pay and Use only if you like.

Multi Office

Very suitable for offices located at multiple geographical location.


All complexities are hidden, keeping things simple.


Focus on providing High Quality performance oriented applications

Pragmatic Approach

Applications configured as per your requirements.

Change Management

We follow Change Management process for each deployment changes.

Security Oriented

Let us worry about your security so you can focus on your business.

Optional VDI solutions

We also offer customisable VDI based on your requirements.


Migration services available for free.

Innovative Solution

Highly innovative solutions for your business needs.

Zero Maintenance

We take care of software upgrades and security patches.

Want your office deployed on cloud today?

Reach out to us and find out how you can effectively cut costs without compromising on budget and security.