Hosting Bug Bounty

Offering you the simplest and most affordable security scanner for Shared Hosting.

  • Free vulnerability and malware scanner
  • Pay only for discovered threats at a cost starting from 1 USD
  • Works mostly on offline backup data(Eva node)
  • Proactive and Affordable Security
  • No false positives
  • Highly configurable reporting
  • Extensive Malware analysis
  • White-labelled service

Offline Scanning

  • Most of the scanning is done offline on Eva node(s)
  • Online servers are not impacted
  • For extensive checks, only URLs are sent to Wid cloud
  • Eva nodes deployed on Secure Remote Datacenter
  • Low cost Large Scale scanning
  • No frequency limit on scanners

White-label Service

  • Hosting Provider can resell or add as a Value Added Service
  • Hosting Provider in full control
  • Preventive measures can be taken to isolate infected sites
  • Transparent Process

Easy Implementation

  • Get started right away without any hassle
  • Simple and intuitive output reporting
  • Linearly scalable architecture
  • Simple Online Portal for clients to manage sites and threats
  • User ACL management for clients to manage threats

Threat Definition

  • One site is defined as a domain name together with aliases, with one document root
  • Vulnerability with CVSSv3 score > 4.0(Medium to Critical severity) are only concerned
  • An infected site is defined as any malicious content in the site made with unauthorized access
  • One threat is defined as a infected site or a vulnerability in a site
  • One site can have multiple vulnerabilities

Why Bug Bounty?

  • Site owners only react after site is affected, need a proactive solution
  • One infected website results in blacklisting of IP, affecting other customers
  • IP blacklisting causes mail delivery failures and affects reputation
  • No limit on number of pages
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