Customised Cloud Deployment

Performance problems with applications running on cloud? Concerned about Security? Are you considering cloud automation? Deploy your customised cloud, engineered based on your requirements.

  • Scale up & Migrate your application to customised cloud
  • Build your In-House/Colocation/Leased cloud
  • Use any/combination of Full Virtualization, Docker and Bare Metal cloud
  • Use Commodity hardware
  • Use Open Source & Proprietary software
  • Simple, Scalable & Highly Available architecture
  • Deploy your own Automated Mini Datacenter
  • Management Interface as per your requirements

Cloud Flavours

  • KVM based Full Virtualization
  • Docker container-based Virtualization
  • Bare Metal cloud
  • Distributed Computing
  • Support for *nix systems


  • Internal Setup for SECaaS for Cloud
  • Layers of Security designed for your architecture
  • Inbuilt Vulnerability Scanner
  • Minimalistic Features that are only needed
  • DDoS Mitigation
  • SIEM for Managing Threats
  • Threat Detection and Prevention
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention System
  • Customised Web Application Firewall


  • Customizable Logic to scale-up and scale-down
  • System Resources Monitoring
  • Service Failover
  • L4/L7 Load Balancer Automation
  • Effortless switch between Full Virtualization and Bare Metal
  • All above through Management Portal
  • Monitoring & Alerting System


  • Professional Quotation
  • Monthly Advance Payments
  • Full Payment prior to Launch
  • Training on Management Interface
  • Paid Full Support

Other Highlights

Big Picture

Our quotation provides overall Big Picture of what is to come. You are always ahead.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Monthly updates with frequent demo provides constant updates.

Affordable Pricing

Save thousands of dollars with combination of proprietary, open source and commodity hardware.

Minimalistic Features

Having only features that are really needed, improves security and performance.


Architected and Engineered cloud solution to fit your business needs.

Pragmatic Approach

Cloud designed to fit your needs, and not force your application in Cloud.

Flexible Deployment

Build In-House or Colocation or Lease Dedicated Servers.

Work with Developers

Indepth understanding by communicating with your Developer Team for a perfect design.

User Friendly Interface

Easy for any novice user to effectively work with the Management Interface.

Agile Development

Feel free to add features during development to keep pace with new features.

Performance Testing

Optional services to stress test to prove performance, scalability and availability.

Low Maintenance

Using cloud automation helps in reducing tedious administration process and helps in focussing on core development.

Want your own Cloud automation today?

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